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  1. E36 325i exhaust

    BMW Parts Wanted
    Hello everybody,does anyone have or know if anyone has an exhaust system for a '95 e36 325i,looking for complete centre section and back box in half decent condition.An e36 328i exhaust system would do nicely aswell. Cheers.
  2. Whats a full standard 328i exhaust system worth

    3 Series
    Anyone tell me wat a full exhaust system in excellent condition from the down pipe back for a 328i worth. Haven't a clue myself nd have a fella interested nd don't want to b rippin him or myself off. Cheers
  3. Few E36 things wanted, axleback, M3 alloys etc

    3 Series
    Don't know weather this is the right spot, but I'm on the hunt for a backbox, axle back preferably to give my 318i cab a bit more of a nice grunt.. Don't want to go spending big bucks as I rarely keep onto my cars, but I always like improving on what I have. Also, set of Motorsports wanted...
  4. Running a e36 328i wit out O2 sensors

    3 Series
    Was looking at a decat and shotgun pipes for the 328 drift car. Question is can I run without O2 sensors in place or will it be down on power and run shit or is it just an emission thing for the nct that they need to be in for. All info welcome
  5. Thinking of getting a new exhaust for 2009 E60 520d

    5 Series
    Hi there, I'm thinking of getting a new exhaust for my 2009 E60 520d. Looking at Fox, Supersprint and Jetex. Has anyone any experience with these? Is it a waste of cash seen as it's a 520d? Have it remapped to 210 bhp so there's a bit of power there. Thanks for the help, Alan.
  6. Quad exhaust 630i

    1/ 6 /7/ 8 Series / MINI & Others
    Hey, I have a 05 630i and put an m6 bumper on it, so it looks very unfinished like the attached. I want big dual oval exhaust tips to fill the gaps, like the meisterschaft ones...
  7. Quick question please

    Engine & Tuning
    I know alot of people hate this but was looking to put the "choo" pigeon effect noise into the car when i let off the throttle. Any body know what i have to do with it sounding like a ould massey ferguson 35 all the time like some of the boras around. its a 320d e46 150bhp. Help with be greatly...
  8. e36 Exhaust

    BMW Parts Wanted
    have a standard exhaust on my 318is coupe looking for something but louder not ridiculously loud but something with a nice hum, maybe a schintzer exhaust or m3,
  9. Exhaust help

    General Car Chat
    Howye lads ive an e36 318is m42 and i bought an fk automotive exhaust near nothing, but never even looked at changing my exhaust till i bought this so when i looked at mine i figured out the back box is huge and held on by clips on the sides bolted up anyway this is the exhaust i bought...
  10. Universal back box? Advise

    3 Series
    I would like some opinions on what you guys think of universal back boxes. I would like to add one to the car. I found this one on ebay. I do plan on getting a full stainless system eventually but the down swept pipe is really bad looking and would like to get rid asap. I will have no problem...
  11. Anyone removed their primary cat themselves?

    Engine & Tuning
    I've got a leaky exhaust on my 320D at the flexi joint and bought a used front section from a guy who was dismantling a similar car. I had planned on doing the swap myself as I have all the tools and access to a pit for a few hours. However, it doesn't look as easy as I had thought. Getting to...
  12. Wtd: Aftermarket back box for e36 m3

    BMW Parts Wanted
    Hi all, Anyone have a backbox for an m3 going spare? Something like a Remus, supersprint, scorpion etc?
  13. Very rough running, car cuts out and huge amounts of smoke!

    5 Series
    I'm looking for some help here Car was showing zero miles remaining on Tues night, so I threw in 20 Euro of petrol and drove about ½ mile back home. It sounded slightly peculiar and didnt seem to be running properly, but I assumed maybe as it had gone so low it was a bit of dirt?? Anyway, it...
  14. Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) Survey

    General Car Chat
    Hi everyone,if you can give a few minutes of your time to fill out a survey im doing for college on battery electric vehicles (BEV),your answers will be greatly appreciated,Thanks.:) Please copy and paste link (below) into your internet browser...
  15. Backbox for 318is 1.9 e36 coupe

    BMW Parts Wanted
    As per thread title. Preferably standard cat back but will consider aftermarket For m44 1.9 engine
  16. 320,325,330ci standard exhaust and rear mtec diffuser wanted

    BMW Parts Wanted
    Looking for a 330,325,323,320 standard exhaust (backbox). Also looking for a rear diffuser that takes two exhuasts, ie 330 325 320 rear mtec diffuser.
  17. GruppeM ramair / eissenmann exhausts..

    3 Series
    I was told this is the best combination into making my 323ci sound like an exotic aston martin when the foot is planted.. :D Looking for something not "LOUD" on idle, or on throttle.. but something with a deep burble/grunt and what can only be described as feirce on throttle throughout the...