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  1. Replacing shifter on E60

    5 Series
    Hi there,I was wondering if anyone knows firstly how to remove the gearknob off a automatic shifter in the prefacelift E60,and secondly once removed is it possible to fit the new shifter from the facelift E60 5 Series (the one that looks like a joy stick),any help much appreciated,Thanks:)
  2. E87 1 series M-Sport Gearknob and Gaitor

    BMW Parts for Sale
    E87 1 series OEM M-Sport Gearknob and Gaitor -part no. 2511 8037305-02 -flat type gearknob, shorter than the regular one -leather gaitor is attached -used, but in perfect condition, see below -in Dublin, but can post if reqd. -€60 Basically I bought this off ebay as I thought it would fit my...