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  1. Coding & Diagnostics
    Hi all New to the group. Was looking some help regarding electrical issues I've be having with my 5 series. The heads up display, heater/air con, reversing camera, Rdc system are all flickering on and off as if there is a power supply issue.I have taken the car to an electrical "specialist" he...
  2. In Car Entertainment and Electronics
    Hey all, I’ve recently purchased a 3.0d E53 X5, it had the built in nav unit/ tv system, all the functions on the unit seem to work apart from there’s no sound from it on radio and no option to select Nav from the menu. I’ve checked the nav unit in the rear of the car and it has no power to it...
  3. Motorsports & Track
    (already posted on DI, but should have started here first!! :o) Ok so myself and my brother bought this 97 328i up in Antrim, hadn't been abused and it had a full service history, spotless inside and out. We could have gone and bought a car ready to go but where's the fun in that, we've never...
1-3 of 3 Results