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  1. HID ballast gone. Where did you buy your HIDs?

    Lighting Forum
    Just noticed in the morning that mine left xenon bulb doesn't work, thought its a bulb itself but when I swapped another side, it worked, so my right side ballast is gone. So I am thinking in buying a new HID kit, want to order here in Ireland, so maybe you lads know whats the best place to...
  2. E60 Aux in & HID upgrade question

    Lighting Forum
    Morning folks, As it's getting darker these days I've noticed the standard headlights on my '05 530i are pretty poor, I upgraded my old E46 M3 to aftermarket HID's and they worked great, passed 2 NCT's, were properly focussed threw a lot of light onto the road ahead. Has anyone on here upgraded...