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  1. 3 Series
    So went out to the car dis mornin to warm it up. It was a bit slow to start but still started no bother. Went out 10 to 15 mins later nd car wasn't running. Tried to start it but battery was dead. Jumped started it off the girlfriends car nd started no problem but once disconnected it ran for...
  2. 3 Series
    Hello everybody, I'm new to this forum, so here's my first post... This is my first BMW and a first diesel engine too. I've bought a car a few weeks back and I've recently noticed considerable vibration at idle. The engine runs very evenly, but I can feel pretty noticeable vibration via the...
  3. 5 Series
    I'm having an issue whereby the engine at idle is revving up to almost 3k rpm making it almost impossible to drive safely. I'm trying to hunt down the issue and initially this is pricking my attention.. This is continually ticking or clicking...what is it? I'll do the vacuum leak check also...
1-3 of 3 Results