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  1. Coding & Diagnostics
    Hi everyone 🤗 !!! I decided to share with you how to create a profile with NCS Expert, instead of searching and downloading existing one. I will just show you 👇👇👇 how to create expertmode profile in NCS Expert so you are able to program and code your BMW with NCS Expert.
  2. General Car Chat
    Well lads just wondering if anyone on here has purchased a cable and inpa software? I understand theres a lot of problems and endless hours of getting the ebay ones to work but i found this which seems to get great reviews from the english forums! But i bought a laptop...
  3. BMW Parts Wanted
    looking for a laptop that has all the software installed and comes with an obd2 cable! Thanks!!
  4. Coding & Diagnostics
    :D:DHello all, I was just hoping someone could help me with step by step instructions on how to use NCS Expert. My dream is to program my e39 door locks to auto lock when my car gets to 5 miles an hour. Thanks in advance tjgjsj:D:D
  5. Coding & Diagnostics
    I have DDE7N47.IPO [163Kbyte] & INI but INPA throws a SYS-012 IDENTIFICATION ERROR when I SELECT. Is this because (a) I dont have a DDE7N47.PRG in ebiabas\ecu? (b) version of my .IPO is too old? Car is E90 320d March 2008 [pre facelift] Regards Brendan
1-5 of 6 Results