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  1. Non Car/BMW for sale
    I have a brand new black 16gb Iphone 4S locked to Meteor for sale. Still in the packaging, receipt available. Looking for €450
  2. In Car Entertainment and Electronics
    I am looking into getting an ipod,iphone connector for my e46 coupe. It has a tape player with the 6cd changer in the boot. The car is 2004. Does anyone have any idea what would be the best option. To be honest if anyone knows where to get a auxillary cable that will just plug into the...
  3. In Car Entertainment
    Hi All, I have a brand new unopened BMW iPhone 4.0 Bluetooth Snap-in Adaptor for sale. It cost me 85 euros and I bought two thinking my friend would want one but he decided in the mean time to change his phone. Please note this is for the iPhone 4 not any other Iphone. Looking for 85 euro...
  4. Lighting Forum
    Morning folks, As it's getting darker these days I've noticed the standard headlights on my '05 530i are pretty poor, I upgraded my old E46 M3 to aftermarket HID's and they worked great, passed 2 NCT's, were properly focussed threw a lot of light onto the road ahead. Has anyone on here upgraded...
1-4 of 5 Results