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  1. General Car Chat
    Hi guys; my first post on here... so I’ve got the dreaded hesitation around the 1700rpm mark on my 320d, No EML & no errors showing when car is on diagnostics The car is mapped and EGR has been deleted and blanked off, I’ve checked and cleaned MAP & MAF sensors and still no joy, car is...
  2. BMW common problems and issues
    Hi guys, I drive a 2005 320D E90. I've noticed in the last 3 months that when I brake the steering wheel vibrates and it's getting worse. I don't notice any vibrations anywhere else other than in the steering wheel. It happens at low speeds ~50km/h and high speeds 120km/h All pads were...
  3. 5 Series
    Well folks, I am having a strange problem with my pre LCI 520d automatic. When I am in drive and come to a standstill I am getting an intermittent judder from the engine. It's not hunting like it will cut out or anything, and if I knock it into neutral it goes away. Seems to only happen when...
1-3 of 3 Results