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  1. Spirit Detailing
    Hi guys, you get two write-ups for the price of one here! The paint on these cars were polar opposites, the Porsche having nice hard German paint and the Jaguar having challenging Land Rover paint! I didn't get too many in-process photos, so this will short and sweet! Starting with the...
  2. Spirit Detailing
    I put this in Bart's thread over in the showroom, but just sticking it here for reference as well... ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bart's E30 M3 was one of the tougher paint corrections that I have had for a number of reasons. The curves, contours...
  3. Spirit Detailing
    This E90 330D M Sport is a cool car. I have a very slight preference for a 335D but this particular 330D is very alluring in this dense metallic Graphite colour and carbon fibre trim. An ideal car for CQuartz coating - but in need of a good prepping and polishing first! Here's how it arrived...
1-3 of 3 Results