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  1. Angel Eyes Multi Colour - Remote HELP!

    Lighting Forum
    Hi. I just installed multi colour Angel eyes on my e46 2004 320d. I have the IR sensor for the remote placed between the kidney grills and would like to extend it to the cabin. Anybody know how i can extend the sensor or add another sensor in the cabin? Thanks P.s I a set of White Angel...
  2. E60 Canbus error free bulbs + LCi question.

    Lighting Forum
    Can anyone recommend anyware to get these canbus error free bulbs? I picked up some for the rear plate bulbs, but they're not error free and show up errors.. I want to replace these with error free bulbs and put the ones from the plates as interior lighting.. Also want to replace the front halo...
  3. Very cool model M3.. with full lighting.

    Videos Thought this is a nice bit of work!
  4. E46 facelift lights on non facelift coupe

    3 Series
    After reading through ciars e46 thread last night made me want his lights :D The E46 M3 never came with the facelifted front, right? just wondering would it take a hell of a lot of work/money to go for facelifted front lights on my 2000 323ci, with modified M3 front wings, CSL replica front...