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  1. BMW Parts Wanted
    Coilovers for a 2002 4dr E46 316i. Must be handy money.. Cheers
  2. BMW DIY Guides
    I recently order a Eibach Pro Kit, I hated the gap on the front of my car. This install was done on a E46 318ci m-sport but it is the same for the rest of the model range. I only changed the springs in the front of my car as I believe the back is sitting perfect on the 19's and I dont want it...
  3. Suspension, Braking & Transmission
    Hi lads, Just wondering which would be best for my 318ci sport 2004, I have 19inch bbs lm staggered (265/30/r19 on the rear) I don't want rubbing, was wondering which of the above would be better, the car looks raised since I put on the wheels so I want to lower it a bit especially the front...
  4. BMW Parts Wanted
    Looking to lower the car... so if you know anyone selling a set of springs for the e36 let me know... Don't really want to buy them brand new as the price is a bit steep for my budget! :)
1-4 of 4 Results