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  1. 2007 E92 335i with LSD NCT + TAX

    BMW Cars for Sale
    I put off getting a proper ad together for as long as I could, but unfortunately the time has come to put it up for sale! This is a high spec Irish car, purchased new from Frank Keane's BMW for 83k by a real estate agent who maintained it in Boland's BMW, she sold it on to DanM (forum member)...
  2. E36 323i Coupe tuning

    Engine & Tuning
    After owning 2 so and so e36s, I finally got my hands on a completely original, unmolested, low mileage example! It's a 323i mtec coupe. Now I know they are detuned from the factory so as to justify the extra few grand they charged for the 328 when it came out (and it makes me sick to think a...
  3. Interesting comparison between BMW diffs

    First off, apologies as its only in German but you'll get the jist of it. It compares the diff in 2 M6s and an E39 M5
  4. *E39 M5 03' breaking or complete at 4200euro*

    BMW Parts for Sale
    03' E39 M5 for breaking. 80k miles, full bmw sh, mint pre accident but pretty wrecked now. All suspension, diff, brakes etc available. Engine and box available and can be heard running/tested. 3500 all in. Red/Black 2 tone leather and its spotless, comes with rear blinds in door cards and...