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  1. E90 320d 05/06

    BMW Cars for Sale
    Hello Newbe here. After trawling through the mine field of cars for sale looking to buy a 320 e90 163bhp preferably m sport. A friend of mine suggest the site might be a better way to sourse..As I'm going to remap and a few more ideas in mind, anyone out there with such for sale or even thinking...
  2. 123D M Sport

    General Car Chat
    Good Evening, New to the forum and recently bought my first BMW. Coming from a mainly high revving Japanese performance car history (DC2/DC5/EuroR's GT FX's etc) over the past 17 years I didn't know what to expect from the 123D to be honest as I had a diesel for 4 years previously that was...
  3. insejn's E90 330d M Sport

    Members Cars & Gallery
    This had replaced my daily s14a of 4 years, running at 1bar at the time, since the baby seat never fit in the nissan :) Have it 2.5 years now and had done the following to it: * m badges removal (ignored the numberplate surrounds for now) * minus the swirl flaps (thanks to ValdelisBMW) * a...
  4. 08/09 E92 M sport coupe wanted

    BMW Cars Wanted
    Looking for a decent (non N47) M sport coupe. Just missed out on a low mileage 320i last week for a great price so back to the drawing board. Preferably under 80k miles. Colour and interior type not very important if the car is clean. Have cash waiting but not going to pay silly money. Will...
  5. E92 325d or 330d 2008

    BMW Cars Wanted
    Hi all, I am looking for a 325d or 330d coupe m sport. The car preferably will have less than 80k miles. I plan on going to the uk if I cannot source one in Ireland at a reasonable price. Cash waiting Thanks, Daniel
  6. Buying a 520d M Sport advice?

    General Car Chat
    Hi All, First post here as I'm looking at buying a 520d and have two options: 1. Dec 2007 2.0l Touring M Sport or 2. Jan 2007 2.0l Saloon M Sport I would actually love the Touring, looks great and is practical, has slightly less mileage than the saloon. However the problem I'v heard is...
  7. BM_Daryl E92

    Members Cars & Gallery
    Bought a 2007 E92 last week. Has just over 80k miles on it. M sport with a few extras such as auto wipers. Liking the auto lights and extended lights package. Gave it a wax and polish along with some de-tar work (bit more to do on that front).
  8. 325ci wanted

    BMW Cars Wanted
    E46 325ci wanted Hey there, On the look out for a 325ci my requirements are as follows: - Must be manual - Preferably m sport - Would rather avoid UK imports, have seen too many clocked and wrecked imports recently - Mileage below 100000 is a plus, but not a deal breaker - Budget is 4000...
  9. BMW 318ci M-sport low mileage (Imola Red)

    BMW Cars for Sale
    Many of you already know this car from a few of the bmw driver meetings I have been at. Year: 2004 Low Mileage 61k Facelift Model New NCT until 05/14, passed test on the (02/03/12) Taxed until June Car is immaculate Regularly washed and waxed Genuine M sport 19" BBS LM wheels Tyres...
  10. 2005 E46 320Cd M-Sport Coupé

    BMW Cars for Sale
    Ok, wanting an E92 M-Sport so have to sell my pride and joy to fund :o '05 BMW E46 320Cd M-Sport Coupé Sparkling Graphite Production date: March 2005 114k miles (2.0d M47N engine) NCT Mar 2012 Taxed Mar 2012 Sourced from a fellow enthusiast and imported from the UK in March 2010 Fully...
  11. E46 cd

    3 Series
    I see on the VRT site that the 5 types of E46 coupe diesels are as follows: 1. CD 02DR 2. CD ES 02DR 3. CD SE 150BHP 02DR 4. CD SPORT 150BHP 02DR 5. D M SPORT 02DR Whats the difference between the D M SPORT 02DR and the CD SPORT 150BHP 02DR? Just body and interior? I also see people...