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  1. Project Cars
    I bought this a few months ago from Sandyford Motors. 99 E36 318iS I always wanted an E36 coupe and the last of the M44's would do nicely. I know there are a few Avus Blue E36 coupes around and a lot of 318iS's as well and certainly in a lot better condition than mine, but hopefully I will be...
  2. BMW Parts for Sale
    A few E36 318iS parts for sale to fit a 1.9 16v M44 engine... Will do a deal on complete engine itself to get it out of the way. Engine has head gasket failure and possible head warp. Few bits separate -Alternator = €30 -Starter = €30 -Gearbox = €100 -Engine Loom = €40 -Coilpack = €20...
  3. General Car Chat
    Lads looking for the visual differences between these engines if you could please help! Thanks!
  4. BMW Parts Wanted
    As per thread title. Preferably standard cat back but will consider aftermarket For m44 1.9 engine
  5. 3 Series
    As above I'd appreciate any help with this query; I'm fitting a M44B19 spray bar in to the rocker cover of a E30 M42B18. The spray bar screws in, via a Hollow Bolt (see pics below) to a tapped out/threaded hole in the casting of...
1-5 of 5 Results