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  1. 3 Series
    Don't know weather this is the right spot, but I'm on the hunt for a backbox, axle back preferably to give my 318i cab a bit more of a nice grunt.. Don't want to go spending big bucks as I rarely keep onto my cars, but I always like improving on what I have. Also, set of Motorsports wanted...
  2. General Car Chat
    Well lads i have a set of motorsport reps and one wheel is missing a centre cap i took them off and looked at the back and theres a part number its 3B0017213666 as far as i can tell its a VMR part number but not sure anyone know where in ireland id get one of these and those adhesive stick on...
  3. General Car Chat
    Quick question will the bmw badge centres on any bmw wheels fit e36 motor sports? Im missing 1
1-3 of 3 Results