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  1. BMW Parts for Sale
    One of mine went and I wasn't paying silly money for one so I installed aftermarket ones instead. Throw me a few quid for it plus postage and I'll be happy, or I'm in Cork if you want to meet.
  2. Wheels & Tyres
    [SOLD] E38 / E39 18" M-Parallels Bought these from johnb850 in 2011, thread here. They're in exactly the same condition as when I bought them, albeit obviously with a bit more wear on the tyres -- I don't have a gauge but they're fine for now. They're genuine Style 37s to fit an E38, but...
  3. Tyre & Wheels
    Due to the state of the North Tipp roads I drive on I have conceded to the fact that i can't run 18's on my coupe, had them on my Golf before and on average i had a puncture a week and eventually got so sick of them i downgraded to 17's. What are my options for a 17" wheel on the E46? I would...
  4. Tyre & Wheels
    While I was looking for Tyres online I noticed they say Pirelli P-Zero (Ferrari) Pirelli P-Zero (Jaguar) Pirelli P-Zero (Ford) Etc there are ones that say BMW others mercedes and more , I have seen in magazines that they are different compounds , but which is the best ?? I mean I have the...
1-4 of 4 Results