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  1. 3 Series
    Can anyone recommend which viscosity to put on 170k mileage 320cd diesel. Which one would be better in terms off better protection on engine and turbo at this mileage. Can I still go with 5w30 or better 5w40, I heard that on this kind of mileage the 5w40 is better as it will create a thicker...
  2. BMW common problems and issues
    Just changed the oil and filter on my 2005 e90 and oil is seeping slowly out of the top of the plastic cap when I start the engine. There seems to be an indent in the centre and the oil seems to be coming from there...
  3. 5 Series
    I have a 2006 Bmw e60 523i with automatic transmission, n52 engine. 63,000 miles on the clock. I need to buy oil for my car soon, as the level is getting low. The last time I topped up, I topped up with : Castrol Edge 0 W-30 Fully Synthetic with BMW LongLife-04 approval Just wondering...
  4. General Car Chat
    i have a car that got parked up when i bought my bmw as the clutch went on it and after getting it fixed it started slipping again only to find out the main rear seal is leaking, well thats what we think, anyway i had it recommended before getting it replaced to try engine oil stop leak in it as...
  5. General Car Chat
    Hello, I have a 2007 530d e60 and have nearly 95,000 miles on the clock. How often should do I do a change of oil and oil filter? techman
  6. General Car Chat
    Hi Guys, Which oil should I put in my 3.0Si z4 coupe?
1-6 of 6 Results