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  1. 3 Series
    Found out today one of my reversing sensors is on the blink and got a quote of €166 from the stealers for a painted one! Just wondering if anyone has any experience from some of the suppliers of new but NON oem sensors on ebay in the links below...
  2. In Car Entertainment and Electronics
    Hi, Just joined this as I'm having some trouble with the pdc on my e46, so said I'd look for some expert advice! I seem to have a problem unique to me, as I've searched everywhere online but can't seem to find an answer. Three of the four sensors on my rear bumper were broken. Just one was...
  3. BMW Parts Wanted
    Good afternoon, I have a 2001 facelift e39 525 sport. I'm looking for two front pdc sensors, a passenger side fog light, a driver's side door seal and a pair of mids speakers for the front doors. Anyone have any of the above for sale? Thanks PK
1-3 of 3 Results