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  1. 3 Series
    Hi all,first time posting here so hope ye can help. I have a problem with my rear light cluster(2005 e46 316i saloon) When I switch my headlights on my brake lights and rear fog lights come on....pressing the brake pedal makes the brakes lights brighter.....then when I turn on the rear fog light...
  2. 3 Series
    Have a problem with my rev counter on my E36 project car. The car drives just fine and I've done a good bit of work on it. There is a small problem with the rev counter however. It never goes above 2 or 3000 rpm even though the engine tops out and a gear change is required. I've done the...
  3. 3 Series
    Hi guys im having a problem starting my 320d, its fine when i start it from cold but when it gets up to running temp if i turn it off it wont start again until its cooled almost completely down. The problem just started ramdomly one day and has been the same ever since. It will start with a push...
  4. General Car Chat
    Hi, I have a 2003 BMW 316i SE (E46). And last week I was doing normal checks as I was going on a long trip and I noticed that the coolant was very low even though the light never came on. When I went to get some coolant, THEN the light came on, kinda flickering on and off. I put 1L of coolant...
1-4 of 5 Results