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  1. E36 Mtec rear bumper & E46 323Ci radiator

    BMW Parts Wanted
    As title... looking for a rear mtec back bumper for E36 with diffuser in titan silver ONLY and looking a radiator for an E46 323i/325i/328i/320d...must be a good rad looking for bits as close to Donegal as possible but will travel further is the same person has both bumper and radiator (or...
  2. Best place to order parts?

    Engine & Tuning
    Can anyone suggest the pest place to order parts online? I've tried micksgarage but they sent the wrong parts and they are impossible to get answers from. I am specifically looking for the following for my 2003 318ci N42 engine: Left hand front grill (pre face lift) Water pump Radiator hoses...
  3. Radiator and emission pump canister wanted for e46 318i

    BMW Parts Wanted
    Hi lads, anyone have any of these items ? Id say most e46 rads will fit. Our car is manual version with A/C Emission pump canister is shown on the top of the pic: Preferably in Cork area. Thanks
  4. Is there an e46 radiator fitting guide?

    3 Series
    I have a small coolant leak on my 320d :( and for a change the expansion tank seems to be fine, but I've spotted a small few drops coming from the top right hand side of rad when hot. And also a small bit has collected on the undertray. So I'm pretty confident it's not expansion tank but the...