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  1. DIY Alloy Wheel Refurb (Polished Lip)

    Tyre & Wheels
    Was googling up on refurbing the wheels and came across this, thought it would be fairly useful to throw up here.
  2. e46 325 brake calipers

    Suspension, Braking & Transmission
    hi guys, i have a e46 325ci. i was going to replace mu brake pads yesterday when i noticed my piston are very rusty and wont push back. (broke a c clamp :( ) i think im gonna need new ones. just wanna say its my first brake job and i have no clue which way to proceed as there are few ways...
  3. Alloy Wheel refurb deal - €149 for set!

    Tyre & Wheels
    A friend sent this on to me: A company called Eurosonics out in Ballycoolin will do a set of 4 alloys for €149! It's a deal & they normally...