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  1. BMW Cars Wanted
    Wanted to buy 320d e90 163bhp preferably m sport..standard or modified. As a newbe have the wanted car in for sale section also🤔Appoligies for the confusion. Having trawled through the soul distroying for car for sale sites a friend suggested I might sourse one here from someone who knows there...
  2. BMW Cars for Sale
    Hello Newbe here. After trawling through the mine field of cars for sale looking to buy a 320 e90 163bhp preferably m sport. A friend of mine suggest the site might be a better way to sourse..As I'm going to remap and a few more ideas in mind, anyone out there with such for sale or even thinking...
  3. Engine & Tuning
    Hi all, Bought an e60 LCI, and looking for remap and DPF removal, just wonder where the best place to do this, with a warranty, dyno check and all, any experience? Thanks
  4. Engine & Tuning
    After owning 2 so and so e36s, I finally got my hands on a completely original, unmolested, low mileage example! It's a 323i mtec coupe. Now I know they are detuned from the factory so as to justify the extra few grand they charged for the 328 when it came out (and it makes me sick to think a...
  5. General Car Chat
    My DPF is due for replacement and I've decided to have it removed plus getting a remap. There has been great success stories with EcoTune in Scotland with their bypass kits and self programmable kits for the remap. These generally cost €1100 inclusive of delivery. Alternatively I'm also...
1-5 of 5 Results