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  1. BMW 330i

    General Car Chat
    Hi, I’m the owner of a 2004 e46 330i. The car hasn’t been started in around 4 years and has been stored in a garage since then. It has very low mileage and had no issues whatsoever before being stored away. My question is, what work will I have to do to the car to get it up and running again? I...
  2. PDR Stone chip repair Galway?

    Cleaning & Detailing
    As above does anyone know of anyone doing Paintless Dent Removal and also stone chip repair (scratches etc) got a few cars that need little work done and would be handy to know someone localish who could do the job :D
  3. Alloy Wheel refurb deal - €149 for set!

    Tyre & Wheels
    A friend sent this on to me: A company called Eurosonics out in Ballycoolin will do a set of 4 alloys for €149! It's a deal & they normally...
  4. TV Repair... wanted.

    Services Offered & Wanted (Non-Motoring)
    Anyone do TV repair here...? My samsung decided to give up on me, after some research, turns out it's a capacitor problem... or more than likely anyway... Red standby light just blinks and then does nothing... Rang a few places, they want crazy money just to look at it.. so if anyone here...