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  1. E92: retrofit bluetooth

    3 Series
    Hi folks There's many threads in the Internet about this but I can't seem to figure out what's required to get BT working in my car. This is what I have: S1CAA - Selection of COP relevant vehicles S663A - BMW Professional Radio S694A - Provisions for BMW 6 CD changer S8SPA - Control unit COP...
  2. Realoem website questions

    General Car Chat
    Lads any idea of what main group id look in for a retro fit kit for electric vent windows on the realoem website? On a e36 318is Cheers
  3. E36 retrofit obc kit

    General Car Chat
    Well lads i know this belongs in classifieds but only 2/3 people in it and i have a bit of cash there now so looking for a quick response before i blow my money on shit! But im looking to buy an e36 obc retrofit kit the onlyway ill be able to fit it is by following the guide on this website step...
  4. Bmw e36 mods

    General Car Chat
    Ive a bmw e36 and started doing the usual little bits leather seats bew steering wheel etc and im looking for some mods to do to it for power asthetics basically anything, anyone who knows me and my car will say respray due to laquer peeling but thats a matter of saving so it will be done...
  5. E36 M sport illuminated gear knob retrofit.

    In Car Entertainment and Electronics
    Hi all, I bought the M sport illuminated gear knob retro fit kit from BMW. Part No. 25 11 2 231 561 I have wired it into the car and it looks great. The problem is that it's permanently lit up. I wired it into the cigarette lighter wires thinking that there's hardly power going to that when...
  6. Comfort headrest retrofit

    1/ 6 /7/ 8 Series / MINI & Others
    hi all just wondering does anyone know is it possible to install comfort headrests on a 6 series . i know it can be done on the E60 ( see link below) , but cant find any info for the E63 ?? the headrest doesnt come forward enough for me so want these if it is possible anyone have any idea ...
  7. E36 Analogue Clock to 18 Button OBC Retrofit

    BMW DIY Guides
    After doing some research on retrofitting obc's, i decided to install one in my 318iS. I read a number of diy's before i started the retrofit, and to be honest a lot of them either contradicted each other or just didnt go into enough detail.. So here is a diy that actually works!!:D Firstly...