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  1. Engine rattle at 2500rpm

    Engine & Tuning
    I have a 2004 bmw 320d e46 and ive noticed that when driving or idling and i rev, the car engine makes a strange shudder around the 2500rpm mark but then goes smooth once ive revved passed it, if i sit at 2500rpm it continuously shudders and vibrates. Any one know what this could be? Thanks
  2. Very rough running, car cuts out and huge amounts of smoke!

    5 Series
    I'm looking for some help here Car was showing zero miles remaining on Tues night, so I threw in 20 Euro of petrol and drove about ½ mile back home. It sounded slightly peculiar and didnt seem to be running properly, but I assumed maybe as it had gone so low it was a bit of dirt?? Anyway, it...