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  1. BMW Parts for Sale
    Picked up this for my E60, I decided not to fit it as I already have the factory 535d lip spoiler and it's just too much hassle to remove it and re fit this etc. and spray the bootlid There doesn't seem to be a make its just a copy I'm sure, I've lined it up and fit looks spot on Its new in...
  2. BMW Parts Wanted
    looking where to buy the spoiler for the top of the rear window anyone know a place that sells them? cheers
  3. 3 Series
    Hey guys! Within the last 2 weeks ive started hearing a rattling noise from my 2000 318Ci :( I notice it happens only when i put the car in 1st & 2nd gear, it almost sounds like something is loose, i had a look under the car to the best i could, but couldnt see anything. So i wanted to see if...
  4. BMW Parts for Sale
    I'm selling the lip spoiler that I had on the previous E92, it's purchased from SSDD motorsport for EUR115 (not including delivery). The part itself is in excellent condition and the paint job is perfect on it. I have to say I was amazed how such a small part could set of the look of the car...
1-4 of 4 Results