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  1. BMW Parts Wanted
    Not sure if theres a difference in coilovers between a 318i / 318is / vert / coupe (weight and everything). So looking for something that will drop my car a nice bit and give it a nice stance.. Pretty sure its under M3 suspension at the moment, and due to the engine being so light you'd swing...
  2. BMW Parts for Sale
    Front and rear M Sport Suspension complete(Shocks/Springs) - ready to install - great condition, not as much as a noise from them before being take out €200 or best offer
  3. General Car Chat
    Just picked up this only a few days ago.. I was looking through Andy's E46 330i f/s thread and it looks to be sitting lower than mine? Is there different suspensions on various models? Mines an 2002 bmw, facelift front, has msport front bumper but not entirely sure if it's been added.. MFSW...
  4. General Car Chat
    Can anyone tell me any where that sells e36 wish with pre installed ball joints and lollipop bush? Need it badly this afternoon would really appreciate the help!!! Thanks!!
  5. Suspension, Braking & Transmission
    Hello everyone. This is my first post, although I have been browsing this great forum for quite a while. Last summer I bought a z3m roadster as a project. After a miserable winter of nearly losing my mind (and most of the funds in my bank account) The car is (mechanically at least!) almost...
  6. BMW Parts Wanted
    hi, just lookin to lower my e46 i had a set of coilovers in it but one of the rear ones burst so i just replaced the two back ones with standard parts because i needed it done in a hurry for nct retest and left the coilovers in the front. Im lookin to sort it now so would be lookin for a rear...
  7. Suspension, Braking & Transmission
    hows agoin lads, just wondering will e90 320d shocks fit an e46 320d? any help will be much appreciated.:D
1-7 of 7 Results