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  1. Coding & Diagnostics
    hello, I have a '97 TDS which is an orignal auto but is now swapped to a manual. I just coded my VO and all other modules and that went well. However the only thing missing is to flash the DDE. But i am struggling to find the DDE22 on winkpf. I only see dde30 and dde40 under ECU family.
  2. BMW Parts Wanted
    95 bmw e36 325tds for parts. breaking COMPLETE car, all parts available. rear diff.. will spin both back wheels, prop-shaft and drive shafts. 18 inch alloys off a 04 BMW x4. spare is a smaller bmw alloy. sold 4 doors- good condition, no dents, electric windows all body panels- good condition...
1-2 of 2 Results