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  1. SUITABLE PART? Rear Differential - 07 318i Petrol E91 2.0L

    BMW common problems and issues
    Hi all, This is my first post so thanks in advance for reading. I'm driving: 2007 318i Petrol E91 2.0L (Touring - SE) I'm having issues with my rear differential and think I've found a replacement that isnt €400-€700 but am not 100% it will work on my car. The chassis number of the...
  2. N52 or N53 . . . 325i query

    General Car Chat
    Hey guys, I'm looking at this car tomorrow and was trying to figure out if it's the N52 or N53 engine ..... and which version is better?! My research seems to come up with pretty numerous reliability issues on both - though the N53 seems a bit more troublesome...
  3. E46 Topaz Wagen

    Project Cars
    Having had an E30 touring previously and the current requirement to transport a few kayaks, I decided to skip the E36 touring and went for an E46. Topaz Blau 364 M M43TUB19 Manual gearbox. 143k miles. Cloth interior. Flock cloth anthracite E3AT. Manual heater and aircon. Ordered options...
  4. Buying a 520d M Sport advice?

    General Car Chat
    Hi All, First post here as I'm looking at buying a 520d and have two options: 1. Dec 2007 2.0l Touring M Sport or 2. Jan 2007 2.0l Saloon M Sport I would actually love the Touring, looks great and is practical, has slightly less mileage than the saloon. However the problem I'v heard is...
  5. E34 M5 3.8 Touring

    Good article on PH:
  6. E46 touring 00 - 03

    BMW Cars Wanted
    I am looking for a e46 3 series touring, preferably 318 petrol or 320d but all models considered in any colour except red. Car must be in good condition with current Nct, no project cars. Looking to buy ASAP. Many thanks!
  7. E46 318i SE Touring

    Members Cars & Gallery
    Hi all, Here are a few pics of my car, had it since last September...just passed NCT on Saturday :) Steve
  8. 318TDS Touring

    BMW Cars Wanted
    Hi all, haven't been on here in ages as I sold all my BMW bits!:( At a silly loss too...:mad: Any way, I'm in the market for a small capacity diesel estate. So the 318TDS might just be what I'm after. If I don't find one I'll most likely end up with an Astra estate 1.7td, which isn't too bad as...