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  1. BMW common problems and issues
    I had a issue with my BMW e46 320D . It was losing power and had black smoke . After problems investigation I was focused on Turbocharger Pressure transducer or so called Turbocharger regulator, it’s purpose is to control an vacuum actuator valve which control on the other hand the geometry of...
  2. Engine & Tuning
    Hi guys hi everyone i just joined in and ive read a couple of threads and i decided to ask u great people myself, i have a 2004 320D E46 which was 150 hp stock with a 6 speed manual , i did a cat delete , egr delete , swirls and flaps , rear muffler and a remap so rn its pushing 200 hp but it...
  3. BMW Cars for Sale Taxed and NCT'd, open to offers, technically don't need a car currently!
  4. BMW common problems and issues
    I just wanted put this up in case it helps someone else with a similar issue. I'm not in need of help as the good men in Courtneys have already identified the issue. I started the car last week to find that when I was accelerating there was no power whatsoever. The car felt like it was driving...
  5. Engine & Tuning
    I know alot of people hate this but was looking to put the "choo" pigeon effect noise into the car when i let off the throttle. Any body know what i have to do with it sounding like a ould massey ferguson 35 all the time like some of the boras around. its a 320d e46 150bhp. Help with be greatly...
  6. BMW Parts Wanted
    Looking for this part, all I need is the top hose like in this picture Part number: 11617799397 to suit 2004 E46 320d preferrably in Galway/mayo/roscommon, but anyone else who would take paypal & post it up would be grand Thanks
  7. BMW Parts for Sale
    Got in a perfect undamaged E39 530d SE Full Black Leather, perfect autobox, good engine etc. Its got Shadowline trim and clear lights all round Engine - 900 Autobox - 300 Turbo - 300 Leather - 350 Clear lamp kit, front and rear - 200 Shadowline SE complete - 100 Remanufactured 001 ABS...
1-7 of 7 Results