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  1. General Car Chat
    hey guys anyone have any idea what could be causing excessive tyre wear im barely getting 3 months less than 3000 miles from a set of back tyres before you ask no im not doing donuts or anything like it :p . i have had a 4 wheel alignment at 3 different places all say its perfect . the...
  2. Tyre & Wheels
    Hi all, Due to local road conditions I am planning to replace the BMW e60 tyre dimensions from 225/50R17 to 205/55R17. The 205/55R17 is not found on the recommended vehicle tyre dimension list. The rolling circumference for the 225/50R17 is 1980.86mm whilst the 205/55R17 is 1982.37mm In my...
  3. Tyre & Wheels
    Hello, I have 4 Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 - 245/40 R18 97Y XL FP TL. What's the correct tyre pressure to use for 245/40 R18 on an E60. According to the label on the car, it's 33PSI on the front and 41PSI on the rear. Mechanic recommended 32PSI all round. Not sure what to use? techman
  4. Tyre & Wheels
    While I was looking for Tyres online I noticed they say Pirelli P-Zero (Ferrari) Pirelli P-Zero (Jaguar) Pirelli P-Zero (Ford) Etc there are ones that say BMW others mercedes and more , I have seen in magazines that they are different compounds , but which is the best ?? I mean I have the...
  5. 5 Series
    Hi all, I broke an alloy wheel lastnight in a pothole and its gonna take about 3-4 weeks to get a replacement wheel to come in. I have the spacesaver on but I will be doing plenty of driving over the next month so I dont fancy having to drive so slow until my new wheel arrives. Does anybody...
1-5 of 5 Results