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  1. Spirit Detailing
    Hi guys, How is everyone on Just thought I would stick my head in and say hi. Its been a long while. :) I know loads of members and non-members have been in with me over the summer for paint corrections and detailing work (and I promised to get back on the forum) but if...
  2. Spirit Detailing
    Guys, I got a good few emails about my mobile detail and paint correction service since the E30 & Z4 thread. Just to clarify what to expect from a single-day paint correction: Example A. If your car is a few years old and is pretty hazed over with deep scratches, then a single-day's detailing...
  3. Spirit Detailing
    Hi guys, A new White Golf GTI was purchased in December by one of my clients, Dave. I had detailed his previous red Golf GTI to a very high gloss and coated it with Crystal Diamond Glaze. CDG is one of the great sealants. It lasts well and leaves a gloss to rival the very best waxes out...
1-3 of 3 Results