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  1. BMW Parts Wanted
    As title im looking for a cheapo rear shock for my e36 coupe and also looking for a style 27 wheel if anyone has one lying around, cheers!
  2. General Car Chat
    Another space saver thread : ) I know this has probably been covered to death. I'm changing my e60 5 series to run flats and am on the lookout for a space saver. I know these are as rare as feck and go for about 300 euro, which in my opinion is just plain wrong. I'm specifically looking for...
  3. Wheels & Tyres
    Set of 18" MV2 alloys. Would need tyres. Wheels in good enough shape, few minor marks and a few cerb marks. No cracks or bends on wheels from what I can find. Will swap for a set of staggered motorsports or sunflowers in the same condition. Located in Donegal (near Donegal Town)
  4. Tyre & Wheels
    Was googling up on refurbing the wheels and came across this, thought it would be fairly useful to throw up here.
  5. Tyre & Wheels
    Looking for a single 18" alloy wheel for 2005 530D E60 MSPORT. Any out there?
  6. Tyre & Wheels
    Getting a F10 and went for the standard 17" wheel, saw the V spokes online 18" and was wondering how much I could sell the 17" Wheels for ( with Runflats - Brand new virtually zero miles) The next question is- how will the 18" wheels effect the ride comfort and fuel economy of the car and will...
  7. 5 Series
    [SOLVED] Awful wheel wobble at very very low speeds I've had a quick search here and can't seem to find anything related. I had my 01 E39 auto parked up for about 5 or 6 months while driving a 02 E39 manual. Anyway, between one thing and another, I have gone back to the auto as I prefer the...
  8. General Car Chat
    Hi, does anyone know the situation with regards to warranty on BMW parts? I bought a wheel bearing 11 months ago, fitted it myself & now I believe it is gone again. I had replaced the other side 6 months previous, again using genuine parts. I can't find any info other than the BMW USA site were...
  9. 5 Series
    Hi all, I broke an alloy wheel lastnight in a pothole and its gonna take about 3-4 weeks to get a replacement wheel to come in. I have the spacesaver on but I will be doing plenty of driving over the next month so I dont fancy having to drive so slow until my new wheel arrives. Does anybody...
1-9 of 9 Results