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  1. Exterior
    Looking to get an e36 re sprayed its on the list of things so no urgency at all hoping to wait until the end of my list to get that done but i am currently looking for someone to do a set of alpina wheels from silver to black! They have some scuffs about them so it would be a refurb aswell if...
  2. Tyre & Wheels
    Do you use use copper grease on your BMW nuts, bolts and hubs? From reading online, there are different opinions. Some say never put anything on the threads of the bolts but put some on the surface of the hub where the alloy meets the face of the hub. Others say only use it around the spigot...
  3. Tyre & Wheels
    I'm looking at msport mv2's for my e60, one lad got onto me with a clean full set of 5, but e46 fitment. Is there a massive difference? I currently have spacers on at the moment with the current wheels I have.
  4. Wheels & Tyres
    Will swap or possibly sell for the right money. There 19" Hamann (don't know if original hamann or rep) staggered wheels , 5" rear dish, looks to be split rims, almost new 19" tyres, rear: 245/35/R19 front: 235/35/R19. Currently on my E60. I think they are E46 fitment as there is spacers on all...
  5. General Car Chat
    Well lads i have a set of motorsport reps and one wheel is missing a centre cap i took them off and looked at the back and theres a part number its 3B0017213666 as far as i can tell its a VMR part number but not sure anyone know where in ireland id get one of these and those adhesive stick on...
  6. BMW Parts Wanted
    well lads i have three centre caps for my wheels but missing 1 (pain the h**e) but has anyone on here got a spare one really appreciat if youse do rather buy one then 4 when i have 3 already haha
  7. General Car Chat
    Quick question will the bmw badge centres on any bmw wheels fit e36 motor sports? Im missing 1
  8. Tyre & Wheels
    I am looking for a set of cheap or free wheels for a bmw e36 coupe. Preferably matching, but anything considered, Must have tyres, Cork area, Texts preferred 0879495828 Thanks
  9. Tyre & Wheels
    Hey lads, Currently looking at getting new wheels for the car. Wheels are 18x10 all round, I can't see any issues on the rear but does anyone have any experience of a 10j rim running all round. Any feedback appreciated, I plan on running a smaller width tyre on the front wheels with slight...
  10. Wheels & Tyres
    SOLD I have these, took them off my msport coupe. 3 of the tyres have 90% thread the other is about 50%. One of the wheel must of been repaired at some stage, I have taken a picture of it below. The wheels are all balanced perfectly and I never had any issues when I had them on the car, only...
1-10 of 11 Results