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All of this happened last nite, had trouble accelerating as if the car did not want too go, also started stalling more often then usual which randomly at times it would stall over the course of the last few weeks maybe 4 or 5 times overall but 4 or 5 times within last two days, n then the power steering went out so finally made it home wen it had now started overheating so I was under the impression that it was a blown head gasket, but now being the day after there is no more over heating, the acceleration hasn’t been an issue, have not stalled but the power steering is still not working but there’s fluid in the reservoir, which I’m thinking now mite be the power steering pump??? Anyone has thoughts or other possibilities on wats going on here? Also my secondary air pump I found out is not bolted into where it should be it looks as if the bolted area had been snapped on all 3 areas was wondering if that is any kind of issue or if that’s a possibility of some issue? Thanks

I added a picture of an unusual thing I saw this morning, I feel as if this was due too the problem last nite but not sure wat too make of it
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