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Guys, I am just working on a new business model for the new year and will be changing my services and prices. However, here is one that I think people can benefit from in December as a pre-Christmas maintenance detail.

Its great! I call it the 1-Day Intensive Care Detail and it is a SERIOUS conditioning of the car. Here is what it involves and you can see that it is not a budget service. It is very, very reasonable for what it is. Keep it real. :cool:

1-Day Intensive Care Detail
-Personal belongings secured in ZipLoc bag.-
• Exterior Cleansing
o Wheels Cleaned
o Tyres & Wheel Wells foamed and brushed
o Tar Removal
o Gentle wash with neutral shampoo & Lambswool Mitt
o Paint surface decontamination with Clay Bar
o Badges cleaned
o Window Seals brushed, foamed and cleaned
o Convertible Soft-Tops brushed and treated with pneumatic cleaning gun.
o Door Jambs, Boot Jamb treated with cleaner, brushed and rinsed.
o Engine degreased, dust and grime removed with pneumatic cleaning gun
o Underside of Bonnet and jamb area foamed, brushed and rinsed
o Vehicle shampooed again and rinsed
o Vehicle surface dried with plush Microfibre Towel
o Wing mirrors, rubber seals, boot-jamb, etc blow dried.
o Engine blow dried and treated with water-based dressing
o Paintwork minor surface scratches removed with Dual Action Polisher, mild polishing pad and mild polish.
o Paint sealed with glossy and protective high-tech sealant
o Rear and side windows treated with glass sealant
o Wing Mirrors treated with glass sealant
o Windscreen cleaned. Rain repellent available upon request.
o Exterior trim and mouldings treated with protective dressing.
o Tyres treated with silky (not greasy) Rubber Dressing (Black Rubber Dye available upon request for faded or browning tyres)
o Wheel Wells dressed
• Interior Cleansing
o Compressed air used to remove dust from vents, dashboard, console, under seats, between seats, upholstery seams, steering wheel gaps, rear shelf, etc.
o Interior Vacuum cleaned
o Boot area & spare tire compartment vacuumed
o Interior & Boot area stains pre-treated
o Interior pillars and seat-belt anchors cleaned
o Dashboard, console, steering wheel, switches and buttons, indicator & wiper arms & controls cleaned.
o Handbrake lever & gearstick area cleaned.
o Ashtray & compartments cleaned
o Glove compartment vacuumed & cleaned.
o Sun Visors cleaned
o Rear view mirror housing cleaned
o Clutch, brake & accelerator pedals foamed, brushed and cleaned
o Door cards cleaned. Stereo speaker covers cleaned with pneumatic cleaning gun. Electric Window controls and door handles cleaned with pneumatic cleaning gun.
o Seatbelts and buckles cleaned with pneumatic cleaning gun and appropriate cleaner
o Seats shampooed, brushed and cleaned with powerful deep-soil extractor.
o Seats rinsed with fresh water to remove shampoo residue
o Floor Mats removed, vacuumed, stain treated, shampoo & deep soil-extraction.
o Mats rinsed with fresh water to remove shampoo residue
o Seat slide-rails cleaned
o Carpeting shampooed, brushed and cleaned with powerful deep-soil extractor
o Carpeting rinsed with fresh water to remove shampoo residue.
o Leather Seats and panels cleaned with gentle brushes, compressed air and specially formulated leather cleaner, removing grime from leather grain, seams, piping and gaps.
o Leather Sealant or Conditioner applied as per client preference
o Interior vinyl and plastic surfaces treated with water-based protector
o Window interiors cleaned, Rear view mirror cleaned.
o Discreet, pleasant fragrance added
o Bagged Personal belongings set in passenger seat.

Price for December only: 3 Series €200 - 5 Series €225 - Larger Vehicles, MPV, 4x4 €250. (car sizes here are guidelines only)
Price given is for vehicles in average condition. Excessive interior soiling or exterior contamination (lots of tar, overspray, cement, etc) will incur a surcharge.

Collection available from Dublin 15, 7, 9, Lucan / Leixlip / Maynooth area, Dunboyne, Kilcock, Ratoath and areas in these proximities. Car will be needed for a full working day and this service is available from Monday to Friday only. Please book well in advance as I have a good few cars in for paint re-conditioning in the coming weeks as well.

As mentioned, prices and services are being reviewed for January 1st so this price is not intended to stay this low for long!;) There are some upgrades available to this - Single Stage Rotary Polishing can be substituted if you want a better gloss. Interior SO Pure is an amazing little product that turns odour or pollution molecules into pure oxygen so you have a constant supply of fresh air in your car. Perfect for winter!!

Usual methods to book - but my mobile will be the best way. 086 332 7865.


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lol - Always surprises me how my posts get received so differently between here and VAGdrivers. Especially with Details and photo-threads. But usually, I get more bookings from here when I stick up an offer. A couple of lads from VAG have booked already for this service though. Go figure... :p
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