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2001 728i msport Airbag Faults

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Hi All,

Just run it to some problems with airbag light on dash on my 2001 728i.

My heating fan wasn't working when I purchased the car, so I have dashboard removed to get access to fan and resistor and only airbag I had disconnected is passager one in the dashboard.

It was apart for about 2 months before I had time to put back together, I also had ignition on testing the fan with airbag disconnected.

I have everything think back together now and airbag lights is on.

It will let me read the faults but won't let me clear them at all.

Faults are
0C MRS: airbag front passenger stage 2
04 MRS : airbag front passenger
11 MRS : power supply
F0 MRS : internal control unit fault
1A MRS: seat occupancy recognition 1 (SBE1)

Did anyone had any similar issues or know how to solve this.
Do I need to replace the airbag module ?
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