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This is a runout model from BMW UK. Owned for 8 years and kept as a spare car for the last 4.

Asking: €1000 ONO
Mileage: 116,600
Location: Dublin
Contact: by PM

The good:

Just machine polished.
Taxed till January 2018, NCT till July 2018.
4 tyres with loads of tread, all Michelin Pilot Sport 3.
Two piece dished alloy wheels, style 71.
Aircon blows ice cold and all gizmos work.
New discs, pads, shoes & cables 1000 miles ago.
Brake pipes, oil, oil filter, cabin filters, air filter, spark plugs, ignition barrel 3000 miles ago.
New shocks and genuine springs 10000 miles ago.
New front seat covers & foams 20000 miles ago.
All wheel bearings, suspension arms, bushes and ball joints front and rear changed 30000 miles ago (it drives properly)
Cooling system overhaul around the same time, new radiator, W/P etc.
VANOS seals have been replaced with the repair kit (it pulls properly).
DISA valve repaired.
Non-smokers car.
Loads more that I forget.

The bad:

Patch of rust on bootlid which is common, stone chips on front bumper.
Clogged tappets on one cylinder. Absolutely fine after you've been driving for 30 seconds and makes full power (have proof). Been like that since I bought it. Common again.


210 Dynamic Stability Control (dsc) Dynamische Stab. Control (dsc)
249 Multi-function For Steering Wheel Multifunktion Fuer Lenkrad
302 Alarm System Alarmanlage
320 Model Designation, Deletion Modellschriftzug Entfall
339 Satin Chrome Shadow Line
428 Warning Triangle Warndreieck
431 Interior Rr Vw Mirror W Aut Anti-d Innenspiegel,automatisch Abblendend
434 Interior Trim Interieurleisten
441 Smokers Package Raucherpaket
470 Child Seat Isofix Attachment Kindersitzbefestigung Isofix
473 Armrest, Front Armauflage Vorn
508 Park Distance Control (pdc) Park Distance Control (pdc)
534 Automatic Air Conditioning Klimaautomatik
585 Two-piece Wheels Double Spoke 71,bolted Verbundraeder Doppelsp. 71 Geschr.
661 Radio Bmw Business Radio Bmw Business
694 Preparation For Cd Changer Cd-wechsler Vorbereitung
704 M Sport Suspension M Sportfahrwerk
710 M Leather Steering Wheel M Lederlenkrad
775 Individual Roof-lining Anthracite Individual Dachhimmel Anthrazit
785 White Direction Indicator Lights Weisse Blinkleuchten
812 England Version England/irland Ausfuehrung
850 Add Fuel Tank Filling For Export Zusaetzl. Tankfuellung Export
863 Europe/dealer Directory Service Kontakt-flyer Europa
877 Deletion Cross-over Operation Ueberkreuzbedienung Entfall
880 English / On-board Documentation Englisch / Bordliteratur


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