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2008 520d MSport Vibration.

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Hi looking for some advise from anyone on here that has had any issues with car vibration while driving on the motorway.

Ok here's the issue so i have just upgraded my alloys from 18" BMW alloys to 19" VC7 alloys with new tyres, I have already had the new wheels balanced and had the tracking/ allinement redone on the car all 100%.

Car drives fine around town and back roads but on the motorway as soon I hit 100kph I can feel a bad vibration in the seat only :confused: nothing in steering wheel, the vibration is there till I hit 120kph then the car is perfect again :smile:, not pulling or anything like that.

Any advise what could be causing this?? Thanks in advance.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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