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So, I had an oil leak that I was pretty sure was coming from the oil filter housing gasket so I replaced this and only remembered that I hadn't swapped the pipe unions that are inside the housing once the whole things was back together and running. I decided to see how it went.

fast forward 1000 miles and a couple weeks and all was good. No issues and no spots of oil on my drive. Everthing looks clean and dandy.

I then left the house one morning and got a low oil pressure stop driving warning. So literally being around the corner i drove home carefully. A couple hours later i went outside and there was a spot or 2 of oil on the drive but it certainly wasn't losing a lot of oil. With the pressure switch being easy and cheap i decided to swap this first. Still the warning. So oil filter housing off again and this time replaced gasket and the 2 pipe unions inside the housing from the cooler. As they are next to the pressure sensor it seemed a good idea to change them both and see if that fixes the leak and the pressure issue.

All bolted back together and 10 minutes of idling and BONG the warning kicks up again. Oil is right up next to max on the dip stick. Any suggestions? Engine sounds the same as it has for the past 3 years.

Is it a co-incidence that it has happened after doing the work and it is completely unrelated? Could the leaky unions have damaged the pressure switch somehow? Is it a sump off and oil pump swap? Could the actual wiring to the switch be damaged, is there an easy way to test this?

Sorry for so many questions and the long winded post but hoping someone has experienced similar.

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