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2013 - F01 730d - buying advice

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Hi all,

I was a member years ago when I had my e46 msport and found this forum to be so helpful. I loved that car but had to change up due to an expanding family. ANYWAY - I might be back.... I'm looking to buy a boat and I have my eyes firmly set on a 2013 F01 730D MSport. Its a beaut and having driven a few, I'm very keen to get back into BMW in this guise.

Based in Ireland, the car in question has 104k miles on the clock and looks to be very well minded with a FSH etc. Price is likely to be €20k ish.

The reason why I like the idea of an F01 is because I will be doing a few long motorway trips to the south of the country once or twice a month (4 hour drive) so I want something that will just eat up the miles.

Am I mad though - would I be better off with something a bit more generic like a 5? Would greatly appreciate any advice, supporting or otherwise.


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