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Bmw 520d M Sport F10
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Hi all,

Ok so i have a clean 520d Msport F10. It came with led angel eyes (not particularly bright) and halogen dips and highs. I purchased a set of black headlights from a company in Asia and they said these particular lights are compatible with the halogen set up etc.

When the lights recently arrived i had a look at the connections, the low beam seems do be a D1S with a connection on side of unit for a xenon balast to attatch onto. The high beam socket says "H7 D2S but there are no connections for this bulb, just the socket.

There are also no TMS drivers with the new headlights, will i have to install a pair of xenon drivers to control the DRLs etc? Or will the halogen TMS drivers be ok?

I will attach some photos of these new units and hopefully someone can advise me on how they can be wired up etc.

Thanks in advance.


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