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2016 F15 X5 Msport rear air springs deflating overnight??

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Just a quick run through what I've done so far folks....
came home from work a couple of weeks ago parked the jeep out the back was in the house for 30 mins max and came back out and the arse of the jeep was on the ground.
Compressor was running but bags not inflating, just over 100k miles on it so I put it down to leaking bags, got two and replaced the next day.
Still would not inflate so removed air lines from valve block after compressor and blew air in each line manually to inflate bags and blocked each line to check for leaks on that end.
All ok, holding air is it should.... opened valve block to inspect and clean / lubricated inside and blew out, removed solenoid from compressor and done the same, attached 12v supply to it and tested.. (this was stuck closed)... kept spraying with penetrating oil and testing with 12V DC to make sure it was firing consistently before putting back together..
Also got a new control relay from Duffys to fit before testing...
Jeep now rises to correct height and stays up without issue, that is however until it is switched off and parked up for a couple of hours, it then deflates completely.
I can't hear any air hissing out from anywhere.
It re-inflates relatively quick too..
I'm swaying towards a faulty solenoid in compressor... but I'm open to suggestions.
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Found the issue... original problem was stuck solenoid, so after stripping and cleaning at the weekend I must have lost the tiny o-ring that's seated on top of the solenoid, and
this is now the reason why air is dissipating and bags deflating. 🤕
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