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Have a 316d 2013 since March 2013. Bought it brand new, so still under warranty until March 2016 as part of PCP deal.
Love the car but since I've had it it inconsistently judders when in 5th and 6th gear when on motorway doing over 100kph. This does not happen in lower gears.
When first happened I brought it back to Frank Keane and asked them to take a look - there was nothing on the onboard computer to indicate a problem. Second time it happened I brought it back in and again nothing on the onboard computer. I was basically told that if it didn't appear on the diagnostic it wasn't happening!!
This has been going on inconsistently since I bought the car and it's now beginning to drive me nuts especially as I will be keeping the car after March 2016.

OK when it happens you can quite visibly feel the judder and see it through the gear stick - but it does not register on the Rev Counter nor do any lights come on the dash or on the onboard computer. I could be cruising up the M7 at 120k and the bloody thing will start. If I'm in 6th sometimes I'll pull down into 5th and this seems to calm it down.
It feels like the engine is not getting enough fuel but again nothing comes up on the diagnostic.
Anyone else have the same issue? and found a solution?
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