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Please help me at end of teather...

Bought a new 318d 2010 last week after after a nice drive, stopped but wouldn't start....

The history is..
Car not starting after 10 minutes use... Key in, clutch down, press Start and all that appears is car logo on dash, all lights on then go out. No tick over, no crank nothing. Had full diagnostic only shows Brake Vacuum Sensor which garage said shouldn't cause car not to start. Had new battery and computer updated, had new clutch switch fitted and same problem. Had another diagnostic test and all good apart from brake Vacuum Sensor. Had test done on key and it's sending signal ok. It's weird it will start no problems first thing, drive to shops and back it's Ok, drive for 5-10mins and then won't start. Everyone seems bathelled and it's starting to cost me.... Any help advise or one off fee to identify the problem and fix... Start motor is ok and new clutch fitted 8mths back.

I do have the IBD11 and is there anything particular I need to look out for as all seems good... One error code being the Brake Vacuum Sensor but again after another tech out they don't know.. it has been sat after not starting at 10am this morning, just gone out 6pm and starts.... Kept it running for 2 mins, turn off turn on and nothing.....

Please help
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