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Hi all, haven't been on here in ages as I sold all my BMW bits!:( At a silly loss too...:mad:

Any way, I'm in the market for a small capacity diesel estate. So the 318TDS might just be what I'm after. If I don't find one I'll most likely end up with an Astra estate 1.7td, which isn't too bad as I like Opel's. But I'd prefer a 318tds:D.

So now what I'm looking for. I can live with not having NCT or Tax as long as the mileage isn't astronomical (I'd like to try stay below 120,000 ish) and there is little or no rust. I'll manage doing some work to it aswell as long as thats reflected in the price.

One last thing, I have a '00 Opel Frontera 2.2DTi with a 2" Lift and M/T tyres that I would consider part exchanging.
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