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Hi guys hi everyone i just joined in and ive read a couple of threads and i decided to ask u great people myself,

i have a 2004 320D E46 which was 150 hp stock with a 6 speed manual , i did a cat delete , egr delete , swirls and flaps , rear muffler and a remap so rn its pushing 200 hp but it was fun and all and it made me want more so i was thinking about doing more upgrades .
I know a lot of ppl would say changing the car would be better but ive spent quite a bit on it not just engine wise (coilovers , rear springs and shocks ,whole interior change i put in a nav with a rear view camera ) so it cost me a bit plus i got quite atached to it but i want more powahh so my 2 options were a 330d swap or more power on the 320 and the cheaper and way more fun option is to upgrade the 320 but i got told by quite a couple of mappers that what i wanted (535d injectors, more rail pressure) couldnt be done on the stock ecu and they suggested a hybrid turbo and a big ass intercooler , im ok with that but i cant seem to find the right hybrid turbo for this car i know the 525 ds have hybrids but idk if theyre a direct fit has anyone modified their 320d ?? Anyone know which turbo works best ?? Anyways thanks in advance ✌🏻
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