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Hi all,

I was hoping my first post would be a bit more positive, but unfortunately not! 🤣

Basically, I've got a 320i SE (2010) that isn't starting - breakdown have come out and put the diagnostic machine up to it, it had a list of 12 errors (ranging from NOX sensors, lambda linear, binary, electrical, misfire cylinder and other stuff) they cleared the codes and tried to start the car back up, it's now given just 2 error codes and they are:

30BB - Injector cylinder 2/3 or control unit faulty
2FC1 - Fuel pressure control valve Short circuit to plus

A while ago it had a similar issue and replaced the:

-Washer on timing chain tensioner
-Oil control valve
-Injector, Coil pack and Spark plugs

These being replaced got the car back to working order and has been okay up until the last couple of weeks (the EML has been on and off)

Does this problem sound like something similar and require the same parts as last time, or does this sound like something unrelated? I know it's so difficult to give an answer based on the 2 error codes that are flagging up, just hoping someones had something similar and can shed abit of insight on what potentially the fix could be? How much I could be looking at to get the repairs done?

Any information is greatly appreciated

Thanks all :D
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