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99' M3 Evo Hillclimb/Sprint Car

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Hi all,

I will upload some pics of this in the morning in its present state once theres a bit of light.

Got this from DaveG over the weekend - Thanks Dave, cracking car!

Its a 99' M3 Evolution in Estoril Blue with Heated Leather, rear electric windows, HK set up etc with circa 90k on the clock. Not sure if its got a full history but theres a fair bit of invoices/stamps in the service book, havent gone through it. Pulls well, no funny noises etc.

Best part - the shell is spotless, and its also a factory non sunroof example. Perfect for a competition car.

My aim for this is to compete in the Irish Hillclimb and Sprint Championship and retire my faithful Civic at the end of the 2011 season.

Mods so far: (Most bought and in workshop, waiting for some bits to arrive.)

Full FIA Spec Custom Cage, picks up the rear diff mounts, front turrets etc. Fitting by Jomo Engineering. - Have

Junk the 6 speed Evo box in favour of a ZF 5 Speeder and 3.0 M3 Propshaft. B+M Short Shifter there for this. - Have

3.91 LSD, Standard lock now, might up that a little (Cue DaveMSport! :D) Have

Full Powerflow Stainless exhaust, decat and nice weight saving, can pick up in one hand, big difference over standard Evo system. - Have

Convertible X Brace - Have

BC Racing Coilovers with Adjustable top mounts. - Ordered.

Refurbed E31 BBS Style 5's with a polished dish - i think a 9.5" rear on these. - Have

Dave F induction kit. - Have

Adjustable rose jointed rear camber arms. - Have

Pair of Sparco Evo's (only one to be fitted for the hills, weight saving!) - Have

Sticky tyres, unsure whether to go with Avon A15's or not.

As the hills arent hard on brakes and i have no major plans to track it i will be sticking with mainly stock brakes.

5.1 Racing fluid, braided lines, yellow stuff pads and OEM Evo discs - all ordered.

That lot should have it relatively competitive in Class 3b but far from a class winner. Already im planning a few mods for next winter once the wallet recovers and i have some more time on my hands (namely- plexi glass, mapping, wiring loom removal, carbon airbox etc.)

Anyway, ill start uploading photos shortly once work commences. All work will be done in-house (bar the cage fitting) and i hope to have it finished sometime in April. Watch this space!
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Vulture! :D Make me an offer, the head unit is gone but i presume the rest is all still there!
Vulture! :D Make me an offer, the head unit is gone but i presume the rest is all still there!
Haha no, not a vulture, I'm an opportunist! I don't even know what they're worth, I have them in my car already but I think the drivers side on is fecked, would you sell them seperate? And give me a guide price
That should be an interesting hillclimb car ben :eek: A 99 car though. You Sir have ball's :D
Good job I didn't break this one Ben :)
Have you given it a good run yet, good to see how it pulls with some fresh fuel and a fuel filter.
Will make a great race car when its finished. Looking forward to seeing it done.
any progress ben?
This will make a bloddy good hillclimb car

Looking forward to the updateds
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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