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Hi all,
Just wondering if I could pick your brains as I'm planning on buying a 'new' car in January or February.

By 'new' I mean something second hand, ideally with FBMWSH and I'm not against going to the UK to buy as money is tight(ish) at the moment and it feels like you can get a higher spec there.

I'm considering the following and I'm looking for some advice.

E92 320d msport (probably not an SE model unless anyone has an opinion).

E91 318d (143bhp) or 320d (177bhp) msport.

E60 (or maybe an E61) 520d msport.

I drive about 600KM a week with work and the coupe is OK for me as we have a mid size family car, but I'm leaning towards the touring at the moment as I have had a few coupes. This would be my first diesel BMW

My main concern is the timing chain issue I have seen on this and other sites (I believe it is the N47 engine?). Should that put me off any of the above models/years, etc.

Many thanks for the advice, I can see lots of experienced feedback on the site so hoping to get some to help me decide.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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